Privacy policy



Privacy policy


 Iplushome strongly believes that we should strictly protect the information provided by you. Without your prior consent, we will not disclose your information to the third party. In addition, we believe it is important to inform you about how we use your personal information, and to provide you choices about how your data will be used. So, we recommend you to read the privacy policy carefully.


 In general, this privacy policy is applicable to all consumers’ information collected or used by iplushome, including the information for commercial purposes from websites that are owned by iplushome, and the offline personal data collections for commercial purposes owned by iplushome.


By providing us your personal information, you are able to enjoy a bunch of advantages,  including:



- Ask for the information that you are interested in;

- Join our online communities;

- Receive personalized messages and the promotions that suit your interests;

- Save time by storing your preferences;

- Purchase iplushome products online.



Also, it enables us to conduct market research so as to innovate more products, to provide more satisfactory customer services, and to improve our websites. We offer you several ways for sharing personal information, such as registering as a iplushome member, ordering products online, participating our contests, registering a purchase, joining the promotion activities, or subscribing to a newsletter. 


If you do not wish us to use your information for the above mentioned purposes, please email to to inform us to stop using your information.